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    Successful Stories

    I had 9 sessions with Esam while I was going through an extremely challenging time. I am at a loss for words as to how much he helped me weigh my options and priorities. He gave me confidence, clarity, and concrete tools, and we narrowed in on my strengths and core values to ensure that I’d incorporate these into my decisions in my life and my career. His techniques will allow your strengths to be appreciated and the purpose of life to be realized. He is always encouraging, trustworthy, and patient. I can honestly say that he is the total package: practical, focused, reflective, and extremely supportive. I am still on a journey of self-awareness, and I truly believe that I’ll love myself more than ever, and I will be a more confident and fulfilled individual as a result of Esam’s coaching.
    Ms. Hannah Kim

    Senior Manager Business learning & Development at DP World

    During the months of coaching with Esam, I was able to better identify personal and professional goals and priorities. Esam has really helped me improve my performance and realize my potential through the techniques shared by him. He helped me navigate the transition from manager to a leader in a complex and demanding organization. His experience within a global company like DP World sets him apart from other coaches. Esam genuinely invested in the success of his clients, and he has maintained good relationships well after the formal coaching engagement has concluded. I strongly value Esam’s relationship, and have the highest confidence in his ability to help leaders develop. It has been a pleasure to be coached by Esam and I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional coaching.

    Mr. Ahmad Abu Safeya

    From our first meeting Esam made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them. The weekly sessions reignited a dwindling self-belief and hunger that inspired me to get back on track and know myself better than before. Also, it helps knowing my strength, values and personality. The exercise which was used during the session made me rethink on others ‘reactions, values and personality and that made me overcome a lot of challenges that I had. The way that the sessions were structured and based on my agenda and goals as well as the challenges I faced. The sessions really helped me to understand myself better and helped me in dealing with the challenges based on my values.

    – Ms. Jawaher Al Marzooqi

    I had the pleasure of being assigned to Mr. Esam Khoori as my mentor, luck would have it he offered to coach me instead. I was in need of some guidance and direction in both work and life. My sessions with him truly helped me understand myself better and helped me focus my attention and find out the hidden potential that was within me. Through his extensive coaching experience he guided me by using very effective tools and techniques, these methods of explaining things allowed me to look and think differently and handle situations better. Mr Esam Khoori helped me become a stronger and better person, I would surely recommend him to everyone as a coach because of all the positive changes he helped me achieve.

    – Ms. Razan Fikree

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